Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have to vent about math. Zach's doing good, that's not the problem. He just HATES it! He starts to get very upset and frustrated as soon as we sit down to work. His short term memory difficulties pop up like every third day and I have to remind him...negative and a negative is a positive. positive and a negative is a negative. Which direction to go on a number line if your adding two negative numbers. He frequently slips up his multiplication and addition. He knows the difference of course but what he sees and what his brain processes are two different things. -5 divided by 25 can be so upsetting. But then...I say it out loud, Zach that's easy..-5 divided by 25 and he throws his arms up and gets upset with himself! It's ok...move on, I say. We celebrated Mother's Day today by working on two hours of Polynomial work. I had to stand by to remind him here or there about these small things, yet writing out the work on a long division polynomial comes very easy to him. That's how I know he's learning. I don't let the little things bother me. I just want him to know that.

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  1. Jordan is a junior in high school. He has hit his math boundary with pre-calculus. He was struggling badly during 1st semester, then pulled it out to a C at the very end. Now...he has an F in the class. He originally wanted to drop it for 2nd semester, but we talked him out of it. I wish now...that we would've let him. It is a frustrating subject for him, and he is just mentally done with it.