Thursday, May 5, 2011

Always looking

I found a new blog today that is written by Kari Fisher...not to be confused with the Carrie Fischer who portrays our beloved Princess Leia from the Star Wars series. I like to find and read any other information I can find about Dyspraxia. Of course, to me at this point, it is like listening to a horrible scratched record. (Don't get me wrong. She has a great blog.) It hurts my brain to read over and over again the symptoms, causes, and effects of this disability. I've SEEN it...I don't want to hear about it again from the beginning! I want to talk about what comes next...what outlook do I have to look forward to and how to deal with it. Of course I would help anyone who needed it.  Or maybe they just had a diagnosis and had questions. I want to spread the word and bring attention to it, but we need more than just what to look for from infancy...What can we do as the years go by? I'm proud of my son. He has Dyspraxia. He's going to be great. Just watch me get him there.

trying 3-D shapes
Today I was going to show you some of Zach's art work. Art, especially 3-D art is very difficult for children with Dyspraxia. But let me tell you, they make the coolest 2-D art you'll ever see! I started Zach in art class when I started homeschooling him in 4th grade and he has taken it ever since. I enrolled him because art is like occupational therapy. It keeps the brain connecting and thinking. 


  1. Wow...Zachary's artwork is amazing. My son still draws stick figures at 17 because writing and drawing have always been very difficult. I enjoyed looking at these. What talent your son has!

  2. Thanks Stacey! Actually Zach is a wiz at stick figures and I will post some soon. 3-D are still extremely impossible because he can't visualize what it should look like. Definitely a work in progress! Zach's hands will also cramp up if he doesn't take breaks,so extensive writing or drawing is limited. Thanks for taking time to share!