Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I've neglected this blog unintentionally. I've been fighting sinus problems for the last year, and it takes every ounce of push to teach Zach his schoolwork. There is a lot I have missed saying, and believe me, I feel like a huge opportunity passed me by. I'm going to try to pick up just from today and possibly reflect on some past issues. Again, my problems are still around, so bear with me while I deal with both Health and school.

Since March, Zach has been learning how to drive. I was so nervous when he started, not knowing what to expect. He turned sixteen back in May and we waited, on purpose, to take him for his permit. Zach is very particular on how he does things. He hates to miss a step in any process, so making sure he checks his mirrors, seat, steering wheel, daunting and over tedious. He is confident one time and overwhelmed the next. Let me say, he has been driving since the beginning of march and took driving school in May....and passed. Yet, when I asked him to turn the car around out in front of our home the other morning, he couldn't. he panicked, and came back in the house freaking out and yelling at me to get in the truck with him to help him. I reminded him that he's been doing this a while now and he also needs to remain calm now, so if something horrible should happen on the road he would know what to do. He still forgets, spontaneously, which way to turn the steering wheel, how to work the controls on the dash, when he can turn on red or not, when to start braking, and most dangerously, who has the right of way.

Zach drives himself to school and then I take over from there. I try to get him to drive more at other times, and he does, but after a short time, he becomes exhausted and I have to take the wheel. I do believe his fear is what is shaking him up.

 Like I said, he doesn't like change, so finding him a car is hard work! He wants my truck and nothing else. He hates to step outside his routine (comfort zone) and since he's learning to drive my truck, that's all he wants. I'v reasurred him he will love having his own vehicle, but he is weary about it.