Thursday, February 17, 2011

planning ahead

Today I visited with Zachary's counselor about what classes he would take at the public school next year. I always get nervous when I need to talk about his progression. I ramble on for what seems like way to long. He will be taking three classes next year. Biology cwc, media technology, and consumer science split with digital art. The Biology will be tough. Zachary cannot take notes and stresses out when taking tests. He feels uneasy when he has to write or read in front of others, so this will be a good test run. The counselor is wonderful, after years of frustation and let downs, I feel this group of educators understands. I'm not saying its smooth sailing, but they are willing to help him succeed. We will not know until the end of this year if they will accept his home school  credits towards his public school degree. I just need to keep on track with his records here at home. I have faith it will work out. ( This is what Zachary wants).

Zachary has tried it all. He has gone from public school to home school. private Catholic school back to home school and finally has settled in on part time public and full time home school. This has been a trial and error process, painful at times, but balanced in the end.

I have attached a link to a Yahoo Dyspraxia Digest, where you can search for help by other parents with Dyspraxic children. I read the posts, but hardly respond to help. I read their stories and I always start to shake and cannot come up with the words that might seem to help. Facing it head-on is always a challenge for me.


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